About Shoebill Island Camp

Shoebill Island Camp is perfectly positioned in the Bangweulu Wetlands in an island thicket of indigenous trees. The camp is always alive with bird movement and the sound of thousands of lechwe sloshing in the waters around camp at night will stay with you long after you leave. Sunrise over the Bangweulu Wetlands can be viewed on the eastern side of camp and guarantees the most stunning start to the African day.. Read More

"A hidden gem of a wilderness that few know about and even fewer visit.."

What makes the Bangweulu Wetlands so special?


The Bangweulu Wetlands and  is the best place in the world to see the mighty shoebill, especially in season. There is a staggering variety of other bird species and the major species to be sought out here from a wildlife point of view are the black lechwe which are found in their hundreds of thousands.

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Getting to Shoebill Island Camp

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The GPRS Co-ordinated for Shoebill Island are: -11.951030, 30.237336

Most visitors coming from overseas choose to fly by private charter as there is an airstrip 1km from Shoebill Island Camp (S11.96800 E 030.25473). The flight from Lusaka will take you about  2hours, one hour from Mfuwe in the Luangwa, and about one hour from Ndola.

If you would prefer to drive, there are two main routes to the  Bangweulu Wetlands via the Great North Road . The first route is via Kasanka National Park and second is via Lavushi Manda National ParkFor more information on driving to Shoebill Island, including drive-in routes and stop-over accommodation please see our Driving to Shoebill Island page.  If you would prefer the fly-in option, Fly-in Routes, flight times and fleet information is available on the Flying to Shoebill Island Camp webpage.

For any further queries about how to get to Shoebill Island, please email us on res@shoebillislandcamp.com

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